Whether it’s Eastern Europe, hidden gems undiscovered by the usual hordes of tourists or even timeless, ever-popular Western European cities, Europe has plenty to offer to the budget traveller. If you’re feeling lost and spoilt for choice, though, we’ve got you covered: here’s a list of 8 budget-friendly European cities that’ll definitely have you coming back for more 😉 1. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Lovingly referred to as the “European Jerusalem”, Sarajevo is truly unique in its rustic charm, harmonization of Eastern and Western cultures, and Islamic influences. Stroll through the charming, narrow cobblestoned streets that are so reminiscent of old European towns, and you’ll find Turkish-influenced mosques next to town halls built in the Spanish Muslim style, churches, synagogues and more! Since it’s relatively undiscovered compared to other European destinations, Sarajevo is also one of the most wallet-friendly (AND Muslim-friendly!) cities to visit in Europe. A simple traditional Bosnian meal, for example, could cost you as little as €5 per pax! 2. Istanbul, Turkey Rich in Islamic history, radiant with the warmth of Turkish hospitality, and bustling with cosmopolitan crowds, the city of Istanbul will have you falling head over heels for it at every turn. Wander through the historic Sultanahmet Square, complete your prayers in the tranquil atmosphere of The Blue Mosque and go bargain hunting in the age-old Grand Bazaar. Much of Istanbul’s charm lies in all the sights and sounds you can take in for free 😍 3. Sofia, Bulgaria As far as Eastern European destinations go, Sofia is one of the more underrated yet most affordable cities on this list, with one of the lowest living costs in all of Europe! While you’re here, it’s almost a crime not to visit the Square of Religious Tolerance, aptly named because of the fact that a mosque, an Orthodox church, a Catholic church and a synagogue share the space amongst themselves. Be sure to visit the Banya Bashi Mosque, which was built in the 15th century by the legendary Turkish Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan and is still used today by the local Muslims. 4. Amsterdam, Netherlands Known for its picturesque canals, cluttered traditional canal houses and classic windmills that look like they’ve just jumped out of a postcard, Amsterdam has a laid-back, friendly vibe that will take you in the minute you start exploring! If you need a break from the city, though, grab a bicycle and head out to the countryside to explore the quiet, sprawling lands just outside of Amsterdam. 5. London, UK London’s iconic, picture-perfect sights, huge local Muslim community and wide variety of halal food options make her an absolute must-visit that should be on every Muslim traveler’s travel bucket list. Contrary to popular belief, sightseeing in London is actually very much affordable, especially when you know all the best money-saving tips for your London trip 😉 6. Malta Relatively off the beaten path compared to major tourist draws in Europe, Malta is nestled quietly in the Mediterranean Sea south of Europe. With its inviting deep blue waters and picturesque views, it’s no wonder that it’s often referred to as the Jewel of the Mediterranean. Saunter leisurely past the sunny bays, admiring the traditional Maltese fishing boats docked there or take a refreshing plunge into the cool waters. With several UNESCO World Heritage Sites cluttered together in Malta, too, it’s truly a sight for sore eyes 😊 7. Rome, Italy The city of Rome really needs no introduction: home to one of the greatest ancient civilizations in history, almost every inch of this timeless city is filled with jaw-dropping historic sights that have stood the test of time. Several of Rome’s most popular attractions are located within walking distance of each other, so you can take your time to walk from the famed Trevi Fountain to the Piazza di Spagna, and more. 8. Dubrovnik, Croatia A growing tourist mecca in Europe thanks to its recently being a film location for the massively popular series “Game of Thrones”, Dubrovnik in Croatia is not only extremely scenic but also wallet-friendly. Walking through the city’s gorgeous streets will make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. There’s no need to worry about where to get halal food, though: make your way to the Subito cafe in the old town and be spoilt for choice from the variety of doner kebabs on offer here! There you go: with a little bit of research (that we’ve already done for you 😉), you really don’t have to empty your bank accounts for that Europe trip you’ve always dreamt of! Be sure to check out KLM Malaysia’s awesome flight deals to Europe’s most popular destinations, starting from as little as RM2280, including return. What are you waiting for? Your ultimate European getaway is beckoning 😊